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Roy Urban Kollection is an African handmade textile, fashion and art brand founded by Muyiwa Togun. The brand's products are unique fusions made into existing and unique pieces that reveal the beauty of Africa from their beautiful handmade batik textiles, fashion designs and artworks. We have been operating since 2008.


R.U.K was registered and incorporated with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission in 2013 and also with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations, USA in 2020.

Muyiwa Togun, Owner & Creative Mind behind Roy Urban Kollection


2016:- Oyster Fashion and Art Exhibition, Lagos
2017:- Osogbo Artist Village Exhibition, Osogbo
2018:- I can draw Africa Art Exhibition at British Council, Abuja
2018:- African Family Carnival, Abuja
2019:- World Poetry Day, Abuja
2019:- Africa Fashion For Peace, NAF conference, Abuja
2019:- African Hair Summit, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja
2019:- Guild of African, Abuja

2019:- Flea Market for Charity, Sheraton, Abuja

2019:- The Cube Exchange Craft & Flea Market, Abuja
2020:- Black Art First Friday, Philadelphia

2020:- Philly Fashion Week, Fashion District, Philadelphia

2020:- Batik/Adire Workshop at Adaptive Textiles, Westchester

2020:- Residency/Exhibition at Tioga Park, Philadelphia

2021:- Exhibition at Industrious, Fashion District, Philadelphia

2021:- Aaro Meta Art Show, Benchaste Garden, Abuja

2021:- Black Music City Award, REC Philly, Philadelphia

2021:- Iya Mapo Solo Art & Fashion Exhibition, Philadelphia

2021:- Adire/Batik Workshop, Cube Café, Abuja

2021:- Adire/Batik Workshop, American International School, Abuja

2021:- Aaro Meta 2.0 Exhibition & Adire/Batik Workshop, Kokab gallery,  Abuja

2021:- African Fashion Designer Of The Year

2022:- Iya Mapo 2.0 & Adire/Batik Workshop, Intrepid Kitchen by Am'ori, Abuja

2022:- Adire/Batik Workshop, American International School, Abuja.

2022:- Aaro Meta 3.0 Exhibition & Adire/Batik Workshop, Nomadic, Garden Abuja

2022:- Ran Titi Art Exhibition, Johnny Rockets, Abuja.

2022:- Black Music City Award, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia.

2022:- Comcast Rise Award

2022:- Textile Exporter Of The Year, Philadelphia Award link

2023:- MAAG Annual Member Show, Philadelphia.

2023:- Colorful Flows Art Show, JAC, Philadelphia.

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